Fermented Black Turmeric with CBD


Lā’au Piko

‘Ōlena (turmeric)


1. Tree, plant, wood, timber, forest, stick, pole, rod, splinter, thicket, club, blow or strike of a club; strength, rigidness, hardness; male errection; to have formed mature wood, as of a seedling; wooden, woody; stiff, as wood. Kumulā’au, tree. 2. Medicine, medical. Ho’ohuihui lā’au, pa’ipa’i lā’au, chemistry.


3. Lump or knot in the flesh, as eased by the rubbing kahi massage; to feel such a knot or stiffness; cramp, charley horse; to have a cramp. 4. Picture frame. 5. General for canoe end piece. 6. For nights of the moon beginning with lā’au.....


1. Navel, navel string, umbilical cord. Fig., blood relative, genitals. 2. Summit or top of a hill or mountain; crest; crown of the head; Crown of a hat made on the frame; tip of the ear; end of the rope; border of a land; center as of a fish pond wall or kōnane board; place where stance is attached to leaf, as of taro.


3. Short for alopiko. I ka piko nō’oe, lahilahi song, at the belly portion, itself, so very choice and fat. 4. A common taro with many varieties, all with the leaf blade indented at the base up to the piko, junction of the blade and stem. 5. Design in plaiting the hat called pāpale ‘is. 6. Bottom round of a carrying net, kōkō. 7. Small wauke rootlets from an old plant. I. Thatch above a door. ‘Oki I ka Piko, to cut this thatch; fig,. To dedicate the house.

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